Living and Living

Student in Hong Kong spend their leisure time on various activities. While it is impossible to create a comprehensive list of activities, there is a noticeable common interest in eating and travelling among both local students and international students. International students also populate the party districts in Lan Kwai Fong, where locals are still in the minority. Most of the interests can be met by Hong Kong, which makes it a liveable city for students. Be forewarned, the following article is highly subjective.
Food in Hong Kong.


Students love eating in Hong Kong, which serves food from various countries. Some places serve international food that has been adopted to the local taste. Yet, there are plenty of very good and affordable restaurants that offer food from south-east Asian countries. Both locals and internationals love the local Hong Kong cuisine; the locals know which places to go.

Singing Karaoke

Nightly skyline of Hong Kong
Singing karaoke is popular with the local students; singing generally is. Songs are in Cantonese only, and every local seems to know the songs. It even seems like the Cantonese have been born as natural singers, and the tonal language suggests that training begins as a child with motivation supplied intrinsically. Karaoke is a popular activity on birthdays.

Lan Kwai Fong

International students mostly do not share the interest in Karaoke singing, and if they do they have, to put it mildly, trouble with singing or even reading Cantonese. As any other bigger city in the world, Hong Kong offers a canonical leisure time activity for internationals and expatriates: Lan Kwai Fong, a party district.
Decadent decoration in Macau, which is reachable by ferry from Hong Kong (photo courtesy: Adam Resnick)
Some taxi drivers say that the students' trips from Lan Kwai Fong back to HKUST make up for a significant amount of their income.

Life in the Societies

Social life also takes place in the student societies. Here, leisure activities and events are organized. These activities include hiking trips or cycling. The latter activity is purely a leisure activity in Hong Kong; even if able to cycle, no one dares to take the bike as a means of transportation, and bicycles are hired near extra-demarked bicycle paths.


Whenever there is time and money to spare, local students, international students, and exchange students love to travel. The latter group enjoys of course the most freedom in this matter.